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TAWorship – Cure For Boredom

Krissy and MJ are hanging around the house bored out of their minds. They can’t go outside because of the weather and there is nothing good to watch on TV. As they sit on the couch MJ starts to run her hand over Krissy’s socked foot. Krissy stares at her friend wondering if she knows how much she loves having her feet played with. She doesn’t have to wonder long as MJ slips her socks off and sucks her toes before she can bat an eye. Fighting off a few ticklish licks, Krissy rests her head and gets ready to enjoy a soothing afternoon of foot play. Soon she has MJ lying beneath her soft soles sucking on her heels and licking her wrinkly arches. Eager to return the favor, Krissy starts eyeing MJ’s bare feet. Wetting her lips she asks MJ if she could teach her how to worship as well as she does and the two make for the bedroom to study their tasty tootsies.

Duration: 13:59.133
Size: 76,554 Mb

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TAWorship – Cooldown Heats Up

MILF Nikki has been showing her fitness student the key to an erotic cooldown and decides it may be time to see if her student can master the art of a pleasurable foot worship technique. To her surprise, Jessica is keen to get her lips locked on the wrinkly soles of her lascivious instructor. Before they know it, it’s an all out tongue bath as toes wriggle and arches flex. This is one workout that is too hot to miss out on!

Duration: 13:46.792
Size: 210,815 Mb

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TAWorship – Training Miss America

Honey, the former Miss America, is training an up and comer for the role of beauty pageant spokeswoman. Celeste has passed all the other tests with flying colors and now wishes to enter the more advanced stages of her training. Honey tells Celeste that this will require devotion to the female form from head to toe, starting with the toes! Honey wiggles her toes and wrinkles her arches as Celeste begins to comprehend her task. Slowly her mouth descends on Honey’s perfect soles as she licks along the curves of Honey’s feet. Meanwhile, Honey basks in the warm, wet attention of Celeste’s tongue on her perfect peds as she reclines in her throne.

Duration: 14:43.353
Size: 225,383 Mb

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TAWorship – The Best Present

Cleo and Honey are wearing their sexiest Christmas lingerie and all the gifts are gone from under the tree. Honey still has one more gift for Cleo, the best present of all, her feet! Cleo is definitely excited and can’t believe she can have her way with Honey gorgeous wrinkly soles and ballerina arches. That’s not all though, for ten minutes of the video Honey worships Cleo. The girls are so turned on the end by worshiping each other since neither can wait their turn!

Duration: 27:58.178
Size: 213,612 Mb

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TAWorship – Tangible Assets

Kristen’s paralegal, Scarlet, recently made an clerical error that cost her a client. Eager to keep her job, Scarlet previously agreed to let her boss lick her bare feet so that she would overlook her transgression. Little did they know that Scarlet would become so intrigued by their toe play that she even agreed to lick Kristen’s feet in order to secure a raise. Kristen even remarks on how much enthusiasm Scarlet applies to her new task as her tongue rapturously fondles Kristen’s wrinkly soles, caressing her toes as Scarlet sucks each one vigorously. Could she have developed a new found fondness for Kristen’s fantastic MILF feet? It is hard to see why not!

Duration: 16:30.856
Size: 252,808 Mb

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TAWorship – Idolized Sibling

Scarlet has always looked up to her older step-sister, Aris. She wants to be included in everything her step-sister is doing but Aris is always too busy with her social calendar to pay attention to Scarlet’s cries of “me too”. Today Scarlet figured she would try showing her step-sister how she feels about her. To do so she plans to employ a pastime that is trending through school the last few weeks. Luckily for Scarlet, Aris’ big feet are always clean and freshly pedicured in her thin white socks. As Scarlet coyly bares her big step-sis’ feet, she begins to rub them. Aris is getting ready to tell Scarlet to get lost but the massage does feel nice so she lets her continue. Once Scarlet begins licking her pink soles, Aris looks down at her, a puzzled look sweeping her face that is quickly replaced by waves of pleasure. Aris has secretly loved it when her boyfriends have paid attention to her feet but she has always been too self conscious about how big they are to request anything more than a foot rub. Could her little step-sister know how much she has dreamed of this type of attention? Aris thinks it might be best to keep quiet and enjoy the ride nonchalantly, lest she give Scarlet ammunition to use against her.

Duration: 11:40.766
Size: 178,844 Mb

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