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TAWorship – The Foot Lover and her Captive

Sablique has been grabbed by a crazy woman with a fott fetish! She hasn’t been able to get loose, and now Indica has returned! She can’t get enough of Sablique, or to be more specific: she can’t get enough of Sablique’s feet! Now Indica’s back to enjoy those feet again and Sablique can’t do anything about it except keep trying to get free when she thinks Indica isn’t looking! Luckily, Indica isn’t really paying much attention to anything without toes!

Length: 15:08
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – The Foot Lover and her Captive

TAWorship – Aiden’s Smelly Boots

Aiden has had a super long day. Aiden has been wearing her favorite boots to go shopping and walk all around in the heat. Aiden has her feet up on the sofa and Andi asks if she can take them off. Aiden apologizes as Andi unlaces and takes off her boots. As soon as Aidens boots slip off the fumes of Aidens feet take up the whole room. Aiden apologizes Aiden comments how strong they smell. Andi can’t help but like this smell and want more! Andi asks if she can pamper Aidens tired feet. Aiden has had a long day and is happy to let Andi have her way with her feet. Andi slips off Aidens smelly boot and foot worships every inch of Aidens smelly toes and soles.

Length: 17:37
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Aidens Smelly Boots

TAWorship – Goddess Sablique’s Feet and Slave Sophia’s Tongue

Did you think a Goddess like Sablique would have only one slave? She put Indica through her paces the other day, so tonight it’s Sophia’s turn! Sophia is called to remove her Goddess’ boots and worship her perfect feet! She gets the privilege of sniffing, kissing, licking, and sucking the toes of her Goddess! Sophia doesn’t hold back either, and jumps at this wonderful opportunity!

Length: 15:34
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Goddess Sablique’s Feet and Slave Sophia’s Tongue

TAWorship – Jessica Ryan’s Borrowed Sneakers

Jessica is a bit upset she sees Nikki has borrowed her sneakers. Nikki apologizes and offers to buy her a new pair since she got them stinky. Jessica gets a look in her face when Nikki tells her about the shoes being stinky. Jessica decides to make a deal with Nikki. If she lets her have some fun with her feet, she will forget that Nikki took her shoes without permission. Nikki is more than willing to oblige and hands over her bare soles.

Length: 17:38
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Jessica Ryan’s Borrowed Sneakers

TAWorship – Keeping the Goddess Clean

Goddess Sablique has just enjoyed a nice, hot shower! She’s washed and clean, except for her feet of course and that where her slave Indica comes in! The Goddess is nice enough to let Indica use her towel to kneel on so Indica can get to work cleaning the Lady’s feet! Indica once again knows the joy of worshipping the feet of her Goddess and she wastes no time in burying her face in the Goddess’ feet!

Length: 15:19
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Keeping the Goddess Clean

TAWorship – Smelly Borrowed Sneakers

Nikki has borrowed Lilly’s sneakers. Lilly did not give her permission and calls Lilly out on it. Nikki embarrassed and sorry pleads to Lilly she will buy her another pair and dont be mad. Lilly is not hearing it and asks for her sneakers back. Nikki takes off Lilly’s sneakers but as she does fumes hot the air. Lilly is stunned but confused The Smell of her feet and Nikki’s feet mixed together is turning her on. Lilly forgets about Nikki stealing her shoes and makes an agreement with Nikki. Lilly tells Nikki if she allows her to worship her feet she will forget about her taking her shoes. Nikki relieved gives Lilly what she wants.

Length: 15:38
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Smelly Borrowed Sneakers

TAWorship – Uptight Teacher

Naomi’s teacher Cassandra is over and is waiting to meet her parents. Naomi has made sure to have her over to discuss her poor attitude and performance when her parents were not home, this way she can try to persuade Cassandra to change her grades. Naomi has noticed that her teacher is always so uptight and figures some hot foot worship will loosen her right up.

Length: 15:39
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Uptight Teacher