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TAWorship – The Foot Stalker Lily

Charly is on the phone with her BF and he is telling her he read in the news about a foot stalker roaming LA. Charly thinks hes crazy and lets him know she is tired from her long flight to LA. Charly assures him that the doors are long and she is fine also that she is going to get some rest. Charly goes to rest when all of a sudden Lily Creeps into the room. Lily hops on Lily and worship her bare soles sucking each toe and licking up and down her soles.

Length: 16:08
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – The Foot Stalker Lily

TAWorship – Jazmin And Jordans Slumber Party

Jazmin and Jordan are having a slumber party. The girls decide to share the bed. They decide to Jordans delight head to toe. Jazmin lays down and Jordan sees this as a perfect opportunity to HAVE Jamins feet in her face. Jordan wants more then just to watch Jazmins perfect feet she goes in for a taste. Jordan sees Jazmin has not noticed so she goes all in and sucks and licks up and down Jazmins unaware feet.

Length: 15:10
Resolution: 4096×2160

Download – Jazmin And Jordans Slumber Party

TAWorship – High Score

Jasper Reed and Ari Parker are playing their favorite video game and Jasper is about to beat Ari’s high score. No way Ari can let that happen so she knows what will distract Jasper enough to get her to give up. She takes off her socks and starts to suck on her soles and toes, Jasper soon is very distracted and in no time could care less about the game.

Length: 15:26
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – High Score

TAWorship – Cast Relief

Stefania is in to see the Dr about her broken foot but first has to see Nurse Sunshine. Sunshine believes in everything natural and has a great treatment for pain that involves no medicine. After Stefania hobbles in she gets her comfortable and starts to lick the toes sticking out of her cast, Stefania is definitely starting to feel better. Sunshine knows the benefit of human touch and definitely won’t neglect her other foot and soon has it in her mouth too.

Length: 15:37
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Cast Relief