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TAWorship – Tenderfoot

Scarlet is constantly hanging out on the couch phone in hand. She never wants to go out with her friend because she is afraid of getting calluses and doesn’t want her feet to get dirty. When her friend sees how cute Scarlet’s feet are her desire to go for a hike is quickly postponed. It seems she has been harboring a secret desire for Scarlet’s bare feet. She loves nothing more than spending a few hours outdoors with her friend as they dip their toes in the local stream. Now that she has Scarlet’s feet resting in her hands she can’t contain her excitement and begins to run her tongue along Scarlet’s arches. Scarlet doesn’t seem to mind all the wet attention being paid to her toes so long as she can continue to play with her phone in the house. For her friend, it is a match made in heaven.

Duration: 14:41.833
Size: 72,456 Mb

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TAWorship – Sleepy Regan

Regan is taking a nap but someone has noticed her gorgeous soles sticking out from under the covers. Definitely more than Sadie can resist, she has always wanted her friend’s feet but has been too afraid to ask. She’ll never notice she hopes but Regan wakes up after Sadie gets a little greedy and doesn’t stop. Regan thought she was dreaming it and now she wants more.

Duration: 15:37.937
Size: 77,005 Mb

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TAWorship – Never Have I Ever

Aris and Athena are playing a game called “Never Have I Ever”. Athena mentions to Aris that she has never had anyone suck her toes before. She is shocked to discover that Aris has. Curious about this secret side of Aris, Athena asks her to demonstrate her foot worshiping experience. Aris casually slips off her friends sandals and proceeds to run her tongue along Athena’s smooth soles and between her toes. Athena can’t hold back a few giggles but does tell Aris that it feels much better than she thought it would. As Aris continues to comfort Athena’s feet with her wet tongue, Athena begins to wonder what it might be like to have Aris’ feet all to herself. She slyly slips off Aris’ sock to expose her cherry sole and begins to run her tongue through her toes. As the two continue to show their appreciation for one another’s bare soles, Aris gets lost in the pleasure of Athena’s tongue warming her exposed foot and asks for a little attention on her other foot. With both feet bare, Athena continues her loving attention to Aris’ feet as her friend relaxes and drifts into a mesmerized state of bliss, occasionally remarking how good her feet feel with Athena’s warm mouth caressing them. Before she drifts off to rest Aris is sure to ask Athena if they can do this again in the near future. Who could resist such a tempting invitation?

Duration: 20:47.846
Size: 318,488 Mb

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TAWorship – Girls Night

Scarlet and Nyx were playing strip poker when they got sidetracked by the sight of their bare feet. After Scarlet finished sucking Nyx’s toes, Nyx was in the mood to return the favor. As her tongue gently presses into the ball of Scarlet’s foot, her girlfriend moans in pleasure, their passion growing as Nyx’s wet tongue glides in between Scarlet’s toes as they curl and spread with delight. It seems these two have found a new way to enjoy themselves on the next girls’ night.

Duration: 15:18.250
Size: 234,283 Mb

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TAWorship – A Step-Mother’s Approval

Jessica is casually dating Vicky’s step-son, she wants to take her relationship with the young man to the next level. Being a bit of a step-mommy’s boy, he insists that his step-mother first must of approve of her so he sets up a meeting. Jessica is dressed appropriately, sexy but elegant little dress and heels. Vicky is impressed with the young woman’s manners, she certainly is quite beautiful, but she needs to know if Jessica knows everything about her step-son, namely his foot fetish. She knows her step-son will only be truly happy with a woman who will let him indulge in his fetish, and of course she must have amazing feet. Vicky needs to do an inspection, where do you think her step-son’s fetish comes from! She puts Jessica’s feet on her lap, takes off her shoes, and begins to check out her gorgeous soles. Her size 6.5 are flawless. She of course must taste them too, her inspection is thorough. She has a huge foot fetish as well, the only way she can be sure that her step-son is dating the right girl for him is worship her feet herself. Vicky is immediately turned on and quickly is consumed with the worship. Jessica is a little taken back at first but soon learns how amazing it feels to have her feet pampered for the very first time.

Duration: 21:23.600
Size: 119,073 Mb

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TAWorship – Secret Foot Fetish

Cali Logan is going away for work for a few days but she really wanted to leave a unique surprise for her husband while she is gone. She made a mould of her feet out of skin colored plastic , something for her foot fetish hubby to play with while she is away. Cadence is their housemate and thinks that the idea is stupid and creepy, why not make a mould of your pussy she thinks, but Cali knows that her husband loves her feet more. Cali leaves and Cadence cannot help but to check out the feet; in fact, she cannot help but sniff and lick them to see if they taste and smell like Cali. You see, Cadence has a secret foot fetish that not even her best friend Cali knows about. Cali forgets her keys and comes in and catches Cadence in the act. Cadence tries to play it off but Cali knows that her best friend may in fact have a foot fetish. Cadence runs into her room, Cali follows to see what is really going on. Cadence is sitting on the floor, Cali sits on the sofa behind her and puts both of her feet on Cadence’s shoulders. She wants to know the truth but Cadence won’t admit, she can’t admit, she is too embarrassed of what her friend might think. Cadence doesn’t know it but Cali loves having her feet pampered, so she teases Cadence until Cadence can no longer contain her foot lust. She starts to worship and cannot stop. She tries to stop here and there but Cali the foot temptress gets her to come crawling back. Both girls get lost in the worship and Cadence asks Cali what her husband would do if he walked in on them. All of the sudden the roles are reversed and Cali is very worried. Her hubby adores her feet, worships her feet, he would definitely think that this is cheating, Cali’s feet are his and only his. Cali gets very nervous and makes Cadence stop and promise not to mention anything. Hmmm, Cadence has the upperhand and starts to make some demands of her own which you will see in the second part of this video.

Duration: 15:48.300
Size: 241,949 Mb

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TAWorship – Office Blackmail

Jamie Valentine is an intern and her boss Ashlynn Taylor is giving her some much bullshit to do at work. She wants to advance and get a full time position but Ashlynn has her fetching coffee and picking up dry cleaning. Ashlynn has no intentions of even giving her a job but does appreciate having a free servant for the summer. But turns out Jamie has some dirt on the boss, something about embezzlement of company funds. The tables are turned and suddenly Ashlynn finds herself at her intern’s mercy.

Duration: 15:26.926
Size: 110,335 Mb

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TAWorship – Naughty Babysitter

Raven Eve is a little concerned about having a sexy, much younger babysitter. She thinks her husband stares too much at her and to ease her suspicions, she goes through Maia’s purse. She finds some socks, they are her husbands socks and now she knows its time to confront her. She is blown away that Maia thought they were her socks and Maia admits that she is infatuated with her feet. Raven is more than a little flattered and eagerly gives Maia her feet. Maia eagerly sucks and licks and Raven gets extremely turned on.

Duration: 25:44.042
Size: 159,212 Mb

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