TAWorship – Two Week Pantyhose

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Naomi is not the best behaved student at her private school but lately her attire has drawn the attention of the Head Mistress. Not so much for being too provocative but because her pantyhose have a few holes and you can see her skin, something Head Mistress frowns upon and considers a distraction. She cannot believe how poor the condition is of Naomi’s pantyhose and asks just how long has she been wearing them and when was the last time she washed them. Naomi has been wearing them for two weeks without washing. Well that explains the intoxicating scent Head Mistress has been smelling. She immediately must inspect further and takes off Naomi’s shoes, props her feet on her lap, and takes some deep sniffs and without a doubt verifies that young Naomi has indeed been wearing them for at least 2 weeks! Head Mistress loses herself and cannot miss the opportunity to smell, lick and taste her feet. Naomi is a little confused but definitely would like to avoid detention and a call to her parents.

Length: 15:48
Resolution: 1920×1080

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