TAWorship – Tenderfoot

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Scarlet is constantly hanging out on the couch phone in hand. She never wants to go out with her friend because she is afraid of getting calluses and doesn’t want her feet to get dirty. When her friend sees how cute Scarlet’s feet are her desire to go for a hike is quickly postponed. It seems she has been harboring a secret desire for Scarlet’s bare feet. She loves nothing more than spending a few hours outdoors with her friend as they dip their toes in the local stream. Now that she has Scarlet’s feet resting in her hands she can’t contain her excitement and begins to run her tongue along Scarlet’s arches. Scarlet doesn’t seem to mind all the wet attention being paid to her toes so long as she can continue to play with her phone in the house. For her friend, it is a match made in heaven.

Duration: 14:41.833
Size: 72,456 Mb

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