TAWorship – Secret Foot Fetish

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Cali Logan is going away for work for a few days but she really wanted to leave a unique surprise for her husband while she is gone. She made a mould of her feet out of skin colored plastic , something for her foot fetish hubby to play with while she is away. Cadence is their housemate and thinks that the idea is stupid and creepy, why not make a mould of your pussy she thinks, but Cali knows that her husband loves her feet more. Cali leaves and Cadence cannot help but to check out the feet; in fact, she cannot help but sniff and lick them to see if they taste and smell like Cali. You see, Cadence has a secret foot fetish that not even her best friend Cali knows about. Cali forgets her keys and comes in and catches Cadence in the act. Cadence tries to play it off but Cali knows that her best friend may in fact have a foot fetish. Cadence runs into her room, Cali follows to see what is really going on. Cadence is sitting on the floor, Cali sits on the sofa behind her and puts both of her feet on Cadence’s shoulders. She wants to know the truth but Cadence won’t admit, she can’t admit, she is too embarrassed of what her friend might think. Cadence doesn’t know it but Cali loves having her feet pampered, so she teases Cadence until Cadence can no longer contain her foot lust. She starts to worship and cannot stop. She tries to stop here and there but Cali the foot temptress gets her to come crawling back. Both girls get lost in the worship and Cadence asks Cali what her husband would do if he walked in on them. All of the sudden the roles are reversed and Cali is very worried. Her hubby adores her feet, worships her feet, he would definitely think that this is cheating, Cali’s feet are his and only his. Cali gets very nervous and makes Cadence stop and promise not to mention anything. Hmmm, Cadence has the upperhand and starts to make some demands of her own which you will see in the second part of this video.

Duration: 15:48.300
Size: 241,949 Mb

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