TAWorship – Report Card

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Nikki Next has done pretty poorly on her latest report card, her stepmother, Honey, is not too pleased with her and knows what Nikki’s step-dad will do if he knew that she got an F because she was skipping class. Honey agrees not to tell her step-dad if she lets her worship her feet. Nikki is totally taken by surprise but she has no choice, her step-dad will ground her for sure. Nikki thinks it is a little weird at first, but she soon starts to get into it. While the girls are at it, Nikki’s step-dad calls. Nikki answers the phone to Honey’s horror, but Nikki dangles her feet in front of Honey’s face and Honey cannot resist to keep worshipping even as her stepdaughter is talking to her husband. Every time Honey starts to get nervous that her husband will get home, Nikki convinces her to come back. The girls finally stop when step-dad finally comes home.

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