TAWorship – Pervey Aunt Honey

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Young Nikki Next is over her Aunt Honey’s house, Nikki’s step-mom is out of town so Honey is making sure she is staying out of trouble. Nikki cannot find her sneakers to go to the gym and ask her Aunt where they are. Honey says she has no idea but as soon as Nikki leaves the room, Honey reveals the sneakers that she hid behind a pillow and starts to sniff them. Nikki forgot to ask Honey something and walks right back in and catches her in the act. She is disgusted and Honey is pretty embarrassed but she is more concerned that her niece is going to reveal her secret to the rest of the family. Nikki sees an opportunity to get a free pass to do whatever she wants, of course her Aunt will cover for her whenever she wants to stay out late and do things that her step-mother won’t let her do. Honey has to agree but she wants to make sure Nikki will hold up her end of the bargain. She tells Nikki that she wants to let her smell her sneakers whenever she wants, she wants to smell her socks and feet too, right now. Nikki thinks it is crazy but she wants to be able to go out and stay out late. She agrees, Honey starts to take big deep whiffs of her socks. Nikki is still a little in disbelief that somebody would like this, namely her Aunt. Honey slowly removes her socks and gets to her niece’s gorgeous bare soles. Nikki is starting to understand why people like this, she tries her best to not like it but she cannot hide the fact that she is getting extremely turned on.

Duration: 25:19.050
Size: 179,201 Mb

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