TAWorship – Never Have I Ever

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Aris and Athena are playing a game called “Never Have I Ever”. Athena mentions to Aris that she has never had anyone suck her toes before. She is shocked to discover that Aris has. Curious about this secret side of Aris, Athena asks her to demonstrate her foot worshiping experience. Aris casually slips off her friends sandals and proceeds to run her tongue along Athena’s smooth soles and between her toes. Athena can’t hold back a few giggles but does tell Aris that it feels much better than she thought it would. As Aris continues to comfort Athena’s feet with her wet tongue, Athena begins to wonder what it might be like to have Aris’ feet all to herself. She slyly slips off Aris’ sock to expose her cherry sole and begins to run her tongue through her toes. As the two continue to show their appreciation for one another’s bare soles, Aris gets lost in the pleasure of Athena’s tongue warming her exposed foot and asks for a little attention on her other foot. With both feet bare, Athena continues her loving attention to Aris’ feet as her friend relaxes and drifts into a mesmerized state of bliss, occasionally remarking how good her feet feel with Athena’s warm mouth caressing them. Before she drifts off to rest Aris is sure to ask Athena if they can do this again in the near future. Who could resist such a tempting invitation?

Duration: 20:47.846
Size: 318,488 Mb

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