TAWorship – Napping Cutie

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Naiomi has been napping on the couch at Haley’s place the last few nights. Her cute socked feet hanging over the edge of the sofa have been catching Haley’s eye every morning and today she has decided to do something about it. She quietly kneels next to Naiomi at the foot of the sofa and slowly begins to pull Naiomi’s socks off to reveal her adorable feet. Careful not to wake her friend from her slumber, Haley begins to warm Naiomi’s tiny toes with her mouth as her tongue darts back and forth between them. Perhaps it is the faint tickling sensation this attention produces or simply the manipulation of her tender digits, but Naiomi slowly begins to awaken from her slumber. Wiggling her toes inside Haley’s mouth, Naiomi asks Haley what she is doing. To Haley’s surprise, she doesn’t sound mad at all, mostly curious as to how her toes ended up in such a predicament. As Haley tries to explain herself, Naiomi playfully tells her how good it feels and tells her to go ahead and keep licking her bare feet to help her wake up for work. Naiomi may have just found herself a new alarm clock…

Duration: 11:54.866
Size: 65,4 Mb

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