TAWorship – Idolized Sibling

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Scarlet has always looked up to her older step-sister, Aris. She wants to be included in everything her step-sister is doing but Aris is always too busy with her social calendar to pay attention to Scarlet’s cries of “me too”. Today Scarlet figured she would try showing her step-sister how she feels about her. To do so she plans to employ a pastime that is trending through school the last few weeks. Luckily for Scarlet, Aris’ big feet are always clean and freshly pedicured in her thin white socks. As Scarlet coyly bares her big step-sis’ feet, she begins to rub them. Aris is getting ready to tell Scarlet to get lost but the massage does feel nice so she lets her continue. Once Scarlet begins licking her pink soles, Aris looks down at her, a puzzled look sweeping her face that is quickly replaced by waves of pleasure. Aris has secretly loved it when her boyfriends have paid attention to her feet but she has always been too self conscious about how big they are to request anything more than a foot rub. Could her little step-sister know how much she has dreamed of this type of attention? Aris thinks it might be best to keep quiet and enjoy the ride nonchalantly, lest she give Scarlet ammunition to use against her.

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