TAWorship – Bratty Little Sister

Zoe is always being pushed around by her very sexy little step-sister Nikki Next. Nikki never likes to do her homework or much of anything around the house, she usually tries to get her big step-sister Zoe to do everything for her. She is used to being treated like a princess and definitely used to getting her way. Nikki has an essay due tomorrow morning, it happens to be a paper about fetish, specifically foot fetish. Zoe is working on it but changes her mind, she has had enough of her little step-sister pushing her around. But as soon as Nikki realizes that Zoe may need a little encouragement, she props her feet on the kitchen table. Zoe has a major foot fetish and her own step-sister has the nicest soles she has ever seen. Like I said, Nikki knows how to get what she wants and soon has Zoe not only doing her paper but also her chores around the house. Zoe cannot resist feet and soon devours Nikki’s soles.

Duration: 10:59.133
Size: 80,195 Mb

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