TAWorship – Borrowed Naomi’s Club Heels

Naomi was ready to go party tonight but the heels she planned on wearing are gone. Naomi knows the culprit must be her roommate Aliya. Naomi stayed up all night waiting for her to come home. Finally Aliya comes in and sees Naomi and already has a guilty look on her face. Naomi demands her heels back and takes a look at them. They look like they have been danced in all night and Naomi takes smell to see if she stunk them up. Naomi takes a whiff but her demeanor changes form anger to excited. Aliya apologizes for the smell, she danced all night with no nylons and has sweated a lot. Naomi tells Aliya no need to apologize and immediately goes after her feet. Aliya is shocked but just happy Naomi is not mad at her. Naomi licks every inch of Aliya’s feet. Aliya doesn’t understand Naomi’s fascination so she decides to have a taste. Aliya now gets it and cannot help but worship her own foot as Naomi worships hers.

Length: 15:13
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Borrowed Naomi’s Club Heels

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