TAWorship – A Step-Mother’s Approval

Jessica is casually dating Vicky’s step-son, she wants to take her relationship with the young man to the next level. Being a bit of a step-mommy’s boy, he insists that his step-mother first must of approve of her so he sets up a meeting. Jessica is dressed appropriately, sexy but elegant little dress and heels. Vicky is impressed with the young woman’s manners, she certainly is quite beautiful, but she needs to know if Jessica knows everything about her step-son, namely his foot fetish. She knows her step-son will only be truly happy with a woman who will let him indulge in his fetish, and of course she must have amazing feet. Vicky needs to do an inspection, where do you think her step-son’s fetish comes from! She puts Jessica’s feet on her lap, takes off her shoes, and begins to check out her gorgeous soles. Her size 6.5 are flawless. She of course must taste them too, her inspection is thorough. She has a huge foot fetish as well, the only way she can be sure that her step-son is dating the right girl for him is worship her feet herself. Vicky is immediately turned on and quickly is consumed with the worship. Jessica is a little taken back at first but soon learns how amazing it feels to have her feet pampered for the very first time.

Duration: 21:23.600
Size: 119,073 Mb

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