Slaveshow – Slobbery and deep foot fetish

Today Dominique had a very busy and busy day , she wanted to rest after it and relax , she walked a lot and her legs were sweating and tired , how good that Cassandra was waiting for her at home , who saw Dominique ‘s condition and decided to make her feel good , she waited until Dominique came to the sofa , approached her on her knees and began to lick her feet , suck her toes , suck her heels and hold her tongue between her toes , Dominique was delighted with her slobbery mouth , plump lips and the long tongue that Cassandra used to remove fatigue, sweat and dust from Dominique’s feet , then Dominique wanted to continue , she decided to tie Cassandra ‘s hands and let her lick her sweaty armpits , Cassandra really liked this idea , because they had never done this before and she began to lick Dominique ‘s armpits with her long and slobbery tongue , licking all the sweat and swallowing it , thereby starting Dominique even more ! Would you like to relieve fatigue like that ?

Length: 19:34
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Slobbery and deep foot fetish

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