SlaveShow – Fat Peggy serves the feet of her mistresses

Fat Peggy with her huge tits was created to please the legs of her mistresses! Isabella and Dominic were in a great mood today and they wanted to play with Peggy and see her worship their feet! The girls gave Peggy their toes to lick, shoving them down her throat like a dick and pulling the bitch ‘s cheeks, they let them lick their feet and spanked Peggy ‘s bitch if her work didn ‘t suit them! Dominique couldn ‘t resist and ate to jump on the fat girl, spanking her huge tits while Isabella gives her a lick on her heel! Peggy dutifully served her mistresses and showed them her love by pleasing their feet and fulfilling their desires!

Length: 13:38
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Fat Peggy serves the feet of her mistresses

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