SlaveShow – Astra Bound For Dominique to Use

Astra has quickly become our Dommes favorite toy as they can do pretty much anything they want to her and she’ll thank them and beg for more. Naked and Tied spread to the bed with her whole body exposed for her Dommes to come in and use, and so enters Dominique, she’s in a good and playful mood so she starts tickling Astra as she struggles so much she can’t move and has to take it all as she’s begging for her to stop. Then Dominique switches from tickling to slapping her face, her tits , even her pussy all with her hand, untilshe gets a small flogger and continues to slap the helpless Astra all over her body then she grabs the wooden paddle and rubs all over her body and slaps her feet with it and her pussy a few times and even her ass. It was time to use the sluts mouth, Dominique orders her to take off her socks with her mouth, as Astra starts sucking her toes and taking all the heel in her mouth as Dominique uses the flogger on her tits to keep her motivated as you hear Astra moan in pain and pleasure while she tries her best to please her Goddess by worshipping her beautiful feet.. this is only the beginning for Astra in this long day

Length: 17:32
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Astra Bound For Dominique to Use

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