RealBareSoles – LEENA LUX is amused by foot fetish tickler!

The adorable adult star LEENA LUX has tiny gorgeous feet and she’s resting them in a park. You see them and the sight is just SO AMAZING you overcome your shyness and are driven right over to sit at her feet. She finds this very funny — she isn’t judging you! You sit right at her cute little size 5 feet as she wriggles them in your face teasingly.

Soon you are compelled by your desire to tickle her feet and this is a strange and giddy thrill for Leena, whose soles are very ticklish. She keeps commanding you to stop with a laugh, but you keep coming back for more — just quick strokes but enough to tickle her very much! Finally you give one tickle to La Lux’s soles too many, and with a laugh she puts her little feet down! You’ve had a close sole encounter with this tiny adult star who is cute as a bug, and you’ll never forget it!

Length: 15:40
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – LEENA LUX is amused by foot fetish tickler!

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