RealBareSoles – JAMIE DANIELS in “The Prudish Miss Shrewsberry’s Candid Tickle Embarassment”

Miss Shrewsberry is the spinsterish librarian at a private school — she may try to dress like she’s “down with the k*ds,” but she’s as big a prude as they come. Oh how the students like to tease her. The things the young men will SHOW her in the stacks — as the rest of the students laugh. Simply shocking!

To seek refuge from the brats, she will at times enter the solace of a nearby park, especially to rest her aching feet from the high heels the school administration requires she wear. Oh how she’d prefer to wear flat black buckled loafers. Well, lo and behold, even in the park there are people behaving inappropriately! A man comes right over and has the NERVE to sit right below her and … and… FILM her! For what purpose at first she had no idea, so she used her feet to block her face, because surely her face was what she was trying to capture, was it not?

But soon this scoundrel had the sheer AUDACITY to, how to even DESCRIBE it — touch her feet! Miss Shrewsberry HATES THAT because her feet are so sensitive. If only she were not so obsessed with decorum, and didn’t want to cause a scene, how she would give this interloper a piece of her mind! Surely he had no idea how ticklish the bottoms of her feet were in particular, and she wasn’t about to let him find out, such an embarrassing thing, so she puts on a brave face, or at least tries to — goodness gracious the sensation on the bottoms of her feet when he strokes them! He spends so much time touching her FEET she can’t help but wonder — is that why he was filming all along? How wrong she had been to use her feet to block her face when it was her feet he craved all along! The thought scandalized and shocked Miss Shrewsberry….

Finally she’s simply had enough of this audacious cameraman, and puts her pumps back on her poor ultrasensitive feet, feeling the ache as soon as they are back on. He even had the urge to touch her shoes! She simply cannot WAIT to report all this to her step-mother!

The first half of this clip features the poor spinster’s bare and slightly grimy soles being captured for your enjoyment. The second half demonstrates Miss Shrewsberry’s achilles heel (well besides her very prim sensibility) — her excruciatingly sensitive foot bottoms!

Length: 11:09
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – JAMIE DANIELS in “The Prudish Miss Shrewsberry’s Candid Tickle Embarassment”

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