RandomSoleEncounters – Property Manager’s Sole Show! – Nervous 1st timer!

Karen is the property manager where I’m renting my new office space and studio. She’s a complete newbie to the fetish world and had no idea she would be modeling her feet when she came to the office on this day.

I filmed this right after Karen she let me test tickle her. For that clip and the complete backstory – CLICK HERE

When I asked Karen if I could film her feet for a few minutes before she left she rolled her eyes. I think she had enough “fetish fun” for one day after being tickled.

“How long? I have to get back to work.” she asked.

“Real quick” I said.

She agreed!

So here it is. Karen has really nice, small size 6 feet. I get her to take her heels off one-by-one. She has very soft soles and black nail polish. I’m able to get her to wiggle, scrunch, toe spread, cross at the ankles…all the familiar poses.

Lots of close-ups too so you can really see the details of her soles!

I make sure to get the tops of her feet and toes at the end!

This is mostly muted, she didn’t say much. At around 3:32 I do a quick interview with her, you can tell she was in a rush by how fast she answers the questions.

You can tell she wasn’t sure about the fetish modeling but I’m glad I was able to capture her on camera for all of you to enjoy!

Length: 9:46
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Property Manager’s Sole Show! – Nervous 1st timer!

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