PolishMistress – 3 Girls – Slave To 2 Mistress

For this scene, one of you would be sitting in front of the holes in the wall facing the camera. The other two girls would be the mistresses and the girl in front would be the slave. The two mistresses behind the wall would stick their different hands and feet through the holes in the wall for the slave to worship. If the slave sees a hand, she will kiss it and suck on the individual fingers. If she sees a foot, she will kiss in all over and suck on the toes. After a while, she gets tired of being a slave and fights back by … the hands & fingers and feet & toes in front of her until they all go back in the holes. All three of you will have a chance to be the slave during the scene.

Length: 13:29
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – 3 Girls – Slave To 2 Mistress

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