PleasuresOfTheSole – West Coast Foot Worship

Cheryl is a gorgeous college student from the West Coast. She's never had her size 6.5 feet worshipped before, but the thought of another woman worshipping her feet is a surprising turn on for her. Cheryl models nude and feels most comfortable without any clothes on, so she is doing her first foot worship session NAKED!

Cheryl is looking hot naked on the bed, her soles ready and waiting to be worshipped, and Bianca is turned on by her sexy body. She gently nuzzles her soles, sniffing and taking in their salty/sweet scent, gently kissing her toes with warm lips. CHERYL BITES HER LIP AND COOS WITH PLEASURE, SURPRISED BY HOW GOOD BIANCA'S LIPS FEEL WRAPPED AROUND HER PLUMP TOES! The sexy redhead just giggles knowingly and proceeds to go down on her West Coast soles, worshipping every square inch of her arches, heels, and toes. Cheryl's nipples are rock hard as she watches Bianca take her entire foot into her mouth. She sways and moans when Bianca runs her tongue up her sensitive soles, but she really starts to moan when her toes are sucked. Bianca pays special attention to Cheryl's toes, licking between each one, and sucking on them in different combinations. Cheryl loves every second of it… except when Bianca occasionally tickles her soles with her sharp nails!

Bianca decides to show this foot worship virgin that there's always a price to pay for foot worship, so she tricks Cheryl into placing her ankles in a headlock. After kissing her feet for a bit longer, Bianca cruelly tickles her soles with her sharp nails, eliciting squeals of surprised laughter from the lusty girl! CHERYL BEGS FOR HER TO STOP TICKLING HER, BUT BIANCA CAN'T DECIDE WHETHER SHE SOUNDS HOTTER MOANING OR SCREAMING, AND SHE'S NOT GOING TO STOP UNTIL SHE FIGURES IT OUT!

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Duration: 11:20.166
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