PleasuresOfTheSole – Tara From Texas


Tara is a sexy 20-something from Texas who happens to have big and incredibly sensitive size 10.5 feet! SHE'S RELAXING ON THE BED TOPLESS WITH AMPLE BREASTS COMPLETELY EXPOSED, enticing Bianca to flirt with her for a chance to suck on her big nipples. But Tara's interested in her sucking on her something else. "IF YOU WANT TO KISS MY BREASTS, YOU HAVE TO KISS MY FEET!" TEASES TARA. HER BIG FEET ARE REALLY HOT – long and slender soles with deep arches and perfectly-shaped toes, so it doesnt take much convincing before Biancas worshipping her sexy peds!

TARA'S NEVER HAD A WOMAN WORSHIP HER FEET BEFORE SO THIS IS A FIRST FOR HER AND HER REACTIONS DO NOT DISAPPOINT! The tall Texan bites her lip and moans with excitement the moment Biancas lips touch her silky soles. She sighs, coos, and moans with pleasure as EVERY SQUARE INCH OF HER SOLES AND TOES ARE EXPERTLY WORSHIPPED. She particularly enjoys it when Bianca deep-throats her toes so youll find plenty of deep-throat action here. Tara's jaw drops in a mixture of amazement and arousal when Bianca somehow CRAMS HER ENTIRE FOOT INTO HER MOUTH, SUCKING ON FIVE TOES AT ONCE! "THATS HOT," SAYS TARA. "BUT IF YOU WANT MY BREASTS, I WANT TO SEE YOU SUCK ON ALL TEN OF MY TOES." Bianca doesnt need to be told twice. She presses Taras feet into a sandwich and eats all ten of her toes, licking, sucking, and nibbling on the sensitive appendages UNTIL SHE'S TOSSING HER HEAD BACK IN SEXUAL ECSTASY!

Tara's feet aren't just extremely sensitive, theyre also EXTREMELY TICKLISH, SO WHEN THE FOOT WORSHIP IS OVER AND SHE REFUSES TO LET BIANCA KISS HER BREASTS, THERE'S HELL TO PAY! She traps Taras ankles in an inescapable headlock and pays a different kind of attention to her feet – TICKLISH ATTENTION! She rakes her sharp fingernails up and down the soles of her bare feet causing her to burst into peals of hysterical laughter! Tara begs Bianca to stop, BUT THE EVIL REDHEAD DECIDES SHE LIKES HER DESPERATE LAUGHTER EVEN MORE THAN SUCKING ON HER NIPPLES, and she cruelly tickles her bare feet until this hottie from Texas is screaming at the top of her lungs with agonized laughter!

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