PleasuresOfTheSole – Puerto Rican Foot Worship

Paula is a sexy 20-something Puerto Rican hottie who is visiting NYC. She's NEVER had her size 8.5 feet worshipped before, but after being tickle t0rtured on our sister site Tickle Intensive, her sensitive soles are sore and a massage/worship session sounds perfect. Paula's never experimented with girls before (she's very religious), but this experience may change her mind…

Bianca loves a pair of hot latina soles and Paula's are no exception. Her soles are gorgeous – silky soft and extremely sensitive to boot! BIANCA SENSUALLY KISSES THE SOLES AND BALLS OF HER FEET, MAKING THE SEXY LATINA GASP AND BITE HER LIP WITH AROUSAL! Even though she's a little embarrassed by her reactions, it's obvious that another woman worshipping her feet makes her wet with excitement. She gasps and sighs, cooing with pleasure when Bianca takes her each of long toes into her mouth individually. “MMM, THAT FEELS GOOD…” she whispers as Bianca sucks on her big toes and massages her arches. When she takes Paula's entire foot into her mouth, the sexy Puerto Rican closes her eyes and rocks back and forth in time with Bianca's movements, biting her lips hotly. WORSHIPPING ALL TEN OF HER TOES AT ONCE CAUSES THE LUSTY LATINA TO GASP AND ARCH HER BACK WITH PLEASURE!

Of course, it isn't all pleasure for Paula. At the end of the session, Bianca easily tricks this foot worship newbie's feet into an inescapable headlock. ONCE HER ANKLES ARE SECURE, BIANCA TICKLES HER FEET WITH WITHOUT WARNING, USING HER SHARP FINGERNAILS TO VICIOUSLY TICKLE HER SENSITIVE SOLES! Paula bursts into uncontrollable laughter, begging for Bianca to go back to kissing her feet, but the mischievous redhead tickles her sexy soles to her heart's content.

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Download – Puerto Rican Foot Worship

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