PleasuresOfTheSole – Princess Peach Foot Worship

Princess Peach has been walking all over the castle in her royal heels and her pampered size 6 feet are really sore. Lucky for Peach, she's a princess, and she orders one of her female servants to service her feet… WITH HER TONGUE, OF COURSE!

The servant is honored to be able to worship Peach's feet, and she gets right down to business, running her long tongue up and down the princess's silky arches. PEACH GIGGLES AND SIGHS WITH PLEASURE, ENJOYING THE SIGHT OF ANOTHER WOMAN WORSHIPPING HER SEXY FEET. The servant pops each of the princess's tiny toes into her mouth, sucking on each one individually, while Peach looks on with lust and just a hint of snobbiness.

Princess Peach soon tires of her servant's technique and summons another girl. This girl is a sexy redhead and just as skilled in the art of foot worship. She covers every inch of her feet with her tongue, coating her soles in saliva. Princess Peach is really enjoying herself… but it could be better. Suddenly, she has an idea – SHE SUMMONS THE FIRST SERVANT BACK INTO ROOM AND COMMANDS BOTH SERVANTS TO WORSHIP HER FEET AT THE SAME TIME!! Two warm tongue sliding up her soles and between her toes feels divine, the erotic sensations satisfying even Princess Peach's standards. She moans with pleasure as the girls go to work on her sensitive feet, firmly sucking on her toes and teasing her arches with a flick of their tongues.

One of the servants nibbles on Princess Peach's soles and discovers the princess's feet are not only sensitive, but incredibly TICKLISH!! “No tickling,” warns the princess, but the servants aren't listening!! One of them traps her ankles in a head while the other tickles her trapped soles with her sharp nails! Peach squeals with uncontrollable laughter, promising punishment for the rebellious servants. She shouldn't have said that, because now the girls want to change her mind! ONE OF THEM GRABS THE ROYAL HAIRBRUSH AND TICKLES PRINCESS PEACH'S FEET WITH IT! The brush tickles so bad the princess can only gasp and laugh hysterically as the servants have their way with her ticklish feet!

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