PleasuresOfTheSole – Licking Lindsay

Lindsay is a hot blonde babe on vacation at the Jersey shore. Bianca met her at the boardwalk, and after catching a glimpse of her perfect size 9 feet in their flips flops, she knew she just had to get Lindsay back to her place to taste her sexy soles!

Lindsay's never even heard of foot worship, she was skeptical that such a fetish even existed, but once she felt Bianca's lips on her soles, her attitude changed instantly. Bianca slowly runs her tongue the length of Lindsay's soles, fluttering her tongue in the center of her arches, tasting her salty (and slightly sweet!) soles. LINDSAY CAN'T CONTAIN HOW GOOD IT FEELS â€T TURNS OUT HER FEET ARE INCREDIBLY SENSITIVE AND HER ARCHES AND TOES ARE PRACTICALLY A G-SPOT! She bites her lip, gasping and cooing with pleasure, her toes twitching as her feet are expertly worshipped with Bianca's skilled tongue. She takes Lindsay's toes into her mouth individually, sucking slowly but firmly on each one, making her giggle and moan! BIANCA SMILES KNOWINGLY AND TAKES BOTH OF HER BIG TOES INTO HER MOUTH AT ONCE, DOUBLING LINDSAY'S PLEASURE, CAUSING HER TO MOAN IN ECSTASY! Bianca likes this blonde beauty's feet very much, so much that she crams her entire foot into her mouth! Lindsay's jaw drops – she can't believe how good it feels to have her foot in another woman's mouth! She tosses her head back and moans from the intense pleasure shooting up her legs. FINALLY, BIANCA TAKES ALL TEN OF LINDSAY'S TOES INTO HER MOUTH AT THE SAME TIME!! Lindsay is beside herself with pleasure… and her opinion of feet have been changed forever.

Lindsay is a very sensitive girl, so sensitive that her feet happen to be TICKLISH! Bianca can't let her go without seeing if her laugh is as sexy as her feet, so she wraps her arm around Lindsay's ankles, trapping her golden soles in a headlock. THE NAÏVE BLONDE HAS NO IDEA WHAT'S COMING, SO WHEN BIANCA STARTS TICKLING HER SENSITIVE SOLES, SHE SQUEALS WITH UNCONTROLLABLE LAUGHTER! Lindsay struggles and slaps at the bed, but Bianca holds on tight, and treating her feet to a merciless tickling. Lindsay is laughing like crazy and begging for a break, but Bianca likes to hear her beg, and keeps tickling her feet until she's hysterical!

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