PleasuresOfTheSole – Israeli Exchange Student

Lilith is a hot goth girl with gorgeous and INCREDIBLY SENSITIVE size 7.5 feet! Like most goth girls, Lilith keeps her pampered feet hidden beneath socks and boots, making the soles of her feet supple and wonderfully soft. SHES EMBARRASSED OF HER WRINKLED FEET and is afraid Bianca will hate them, but she is shocked when she compliments her peds and willing puts them in her mouth AND SHES EVEN MORE SHOCKED AT HOW GOOD IT FEELS.

LILITHS NEVER HAD HER FEET TOUCHED INTIMATELY, shes never had any sexual experiences with other females besides the occasional kiss, so this is new territory all around for the hot goth. Bianca pops her big toe in her mouth, smiling knowingly as Lilith is unable to hide her reactions, HER EYES GROWING WIDE AS SHE GASPS FROM THE RUSH OF PLEASURE SHOOTING UP HER LEGS! Bianca runs her warm tongue up her silky soles, tasting her salty scent, swirling her tongue in her arches and on the balls of her feet. Lilith cant contain herself and is soon cooing and moaning with pleasure, her eyes locked on Biancas mouth, watching in lustful fascination as her feet are devoured. THE SENSATIONS ARE SO INTENSE THAT LILITHS EYES ROLL IN THE BACK OF HER HEAD SEVERAL TIMES DURING THE SCENE, ESPECIALLY WHEN HER TOES AND ARCHES ARE AGGRESSIVELY WORSHIPPED. She tosses her head back and moans with excitement when Bianca first deep-throats all five of her toes, THEN SUCKS ON ALL TEN TOES OF HER AT ONCE, the hot scene causing both girls to moan hotly. MMMM Lilith coos as she crosses her ankles so Bianca has better access to her arches and toes. By the time the lusty redheads had her fill, Liliths feet are covered in saliva and her legs are shivering from the pleasure.

Liliths feet are very sensitive and that means theyre also VERY TICKLISH! Bianca wants to see if she can make this goth hottie crack a smile so she puts her crossed ankles in an inescapable headlock and viciously tickles her feet! LILITH EXPLODES WITH HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER, screaming and struggling wildly as Bianca rakes her sharp fingernails up and down her silky soles, TICKLING THE HYSTERICAL GIRL UNTIL SHES DESPERATELY BEGGING FOR HER TO STOP!

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