PleasuresOfTheSole – Goth Girl Gina

Gina is a gorgeous and open-minded Goth girl with EXTREMELY SENSITIVE size 7.5 feet sounds like our kind of girl! Her feet are very well kept, her soles are silky soft and her toenails are immaculate. Other than the occasional foot massage, Ginas never had anyone kiss her feet before, BUT THE IDEA OF ANOTHER WOMAN WORSHIPPING HER FEET TURNS HER ON, and she cant wait to get started.

Bianca cant resist Ginas hot feet massages them from the very start, complimenting her on her incredibly soft soles. Its not long before Bianca talks her way into worshipping her feet and her soft lips are pressed against her gorgeous soles. GINA GASPS WITH SURPRISE AND STARTS MOANING WITH PLEASURE THE MOMENT SHE FEELS BIANCAS WARM TONGUE SLIDE UP AND DOWN HER SENSITIVE SOLES! She isnt embarrassed by her arousal and openly bites her lip and coos with pleasure as she watches Bianca devour her feet! Bianca licks and sucks her tender arches, the balls of her feet, even her heels are thoroughly worshipped, making Gina moan with excitement. She especially loves it when several of her toes are worshipped at once so she tosses her head back and moans loudly when BIANCA CRAMS HER ENTIRE FOOT IN HER MOUTH! Gina cant stand how having her feet teased like so she REMOVES HER TOP, REVEALING HER BARE BREASTS AND PIERCED NIPPLES! She massages her breasts and pinches her hard nipples as Bianca continues to devour her feet, worshipping those sensitive soles and perfect toes until shes practically dripping with desire! The height of the pleasure comes when BIANCA SANDWICHES BOTH OF GINAS FEET TOGETHER AND SOMEHOW FITS ALL TEN TOES OF HER INTO HER MOUTH AT ONCE! The gorgeous Goth girl moans and shakes with pure pleasure, thighs twitching from the incredible sensations.

Ginas feet are not only extremely sensitive, theyre also EXTREMELY TICKLISH! Bianca wants to see if this gothic hotties begging is as hot as her moans of pleasure, so she places her ankles in an inescapable headlock, trapping her ticklish soles! GINA HAS NO IDEA SHES ABOUT TO GET TICKLED AND CONTINUES TO MOAN WITH PLEASURE UNTIL BIANCAS SOFT MOUTH IS REPLACED BY SHARP FINGERNAILS RAKING HER BARE SOLES! The poor girl bursts into hysterical laughter and struggles like crazy, immediately begging for Bianca to stop, but theres no way shes going to stop now! The sadistic redhead tickles her feet until Gina is laughing so hard she can no longer protest, SHE CAN ONLY SCREAM WITH HYSTERIA WHILE HER FEET ARE SUBJECTED TO A MERCILESS TICKLING!

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