PleasuresOfTheSole – Erotic Foot Worship

This is quite possibly the hottest scene Pleasures of the Sole produced to date.

Sahrye is a gorgeous Latina with unbelievably sensitive size 5.5 feet. Her hypersensitive soles are simply gorgeous – silky smooth arches that wrinkle beautifully when she scrunches her cherry-painted toes. She's had her feet massaged and occasionally kissed, but she's never had them worshipped before.

Bianca and Storm play with Sahrye's feet, tickling her hypersensitive soles with their nails for a bit, then get down to business. They each take a foot and start worshipping her feet aggressively, sucking on her soles and toes. At first, Sahrye giggles and laughs because the sensation of two warm tongues sliding up her soles tickles like crazy! But giggles quickly give way to sighs, gasps, then moans of pleasure! SAHRYE IS SHOCKED BY HOW GOOD IT FEELS TO HAVE TWO WOMEN WORSHIPPING HER FEET. She tries to hold back, but the sensations are so intense, she can't stop herself from moaning!

Sahrye surrenders to the building pleasure. She takes off her bra to “get more comfortable” but her true intentions are soon revealed when she starts squeezing her BARE BREASTS. Her coos and moans grow louder, encouraging Bianca and Storm to worship her feet with more passion. Sahrye's hands stray between her legs, fingers absently massaging her steaming mound through her jeans, making herself hotter and hotter. She huskily whispers words of encouragement to the girls, first in English, then in Spanish as the sexual sensations overwhelm her. Finally, Sahrye can't take it anymore. SHE PLUNGES HER HAND DOWN HER PANTIES, FRANTICALLY RUBBING HER CLIT TO SATISFY THE BURNING BETWEEN HER LEGS! Sahrye's toes twitch in time with the movement of her fingers. As she gets closer and closer to climaxing, she fucks girls' faces with her feet by sliding her toes in and out of their mouths. Sahrye BEGS the girls to suck on her toes harder and harder, finally cumming HARD, eyes rolling up in the back of her head as the powerful orgasm racks her entire body.

Sahrye continues to massage herself, enjoying the aftereffects of the orgasm… that is, until Storm and Bianca decide to have a little fun. They've heard girls are twice as ticklish after cumming and they intend to put that theory to the test. Bianca locks the sensitive Latina's feet in a headlock, trapping her soles so Storm can tickle them with her pointed nails! STILL SENSITIVE FROM CUMMING, SAHRYE EXPLODES WITH HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER, SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF HER LUNGS FOR HER CAPTORS TO STOP TICKLING! The girls ignore her desperate pleas for mercy and tickle her hypersensitive soles until she's hysterical!

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