PleasuresOfTheSole – Daphney Rose Delicious Soles

Daphney Rose is a gorgeous model from the West Coast WITH SOME OF THE HOTTEST AND SENSITIVE SIZE 8 FEET WE'VE EVER SEEN! She's never had a woman worship her feet before, but she knows her feet are extremely sensitive, and she can't wait to see what that's going to feel like. Daphney is very comfortable with her body and does her first foot worship scene TOPLESS!

Bianca has had a crush on Daphney ever since she had the chance to tickle t0rture her on our sister site, Tickle Intensive, so she dives right into her delectable soles. She takes in their salty-sweet scent and licks up and down her incredibly soft soles, stopping to gently suck on the soft balls of her feet. Daphney reacts almost immediately, gasping and moaning with pleasure, the intense sensations totally taking her by surprise. “MMM… I DIDN'T THINK THIS WOULD FEEL SO GOOD…” she moans as Bianca sucks on her arches and teases the sensitive undersides of her long toes. Daphney's nipples get rock hard and her back arches forward when Bianca sucks on each of her toes individually. She gasps with arousal when all five of her toes are worshipped at once and her panties get soaked with her excitement when Bianca somehow crams ALL TEN OF HER TOES IN HER MOUTH AT THE SAME TIME!! “THIS IS MAKING ME SO WET AND JUICY…” she coos as Bianca goes back to licking her arches and the undersides of her toes, the most sensitive parts of her feet. Daphney gasps and moans with arousal the entire session, SHE EVEN STARTS TO SWEAT WHILE HER MOANS OF PLEASURE REACH A CLIMAX SEVERAL TIMES! Although Daphney never admits to actually cumming from the foot worship, the camera never lies, and I will leave that judgment to you the viewer.

After listening to her hot gasps and moans for over 10 minutes, Bianca is ready to hear Daphney laugh and beg. She knows her incredibly sensitive feet are DESPERATELY TICKLISH so she tricks her into placing her ankles in an inescapable headlock. Once Daphney's gorgeous soles are trapped, Bianca tickles them with her sharp fingernails, spidering her nails in her tender arches! DAPHNEY SHRIEKS IN SURPRISE AND EXPLODES WITH HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER! She begs for the tickling to stop, but Bianca loves hearing her laugh, so she tickles her feet even harder until Daphney's laughing so hard she can't even beg! She laughs uncontrollably while Bianca torments her feet with a wicked mixture of tickling and arousal, TICKLING HER SOLES WITH HER NAILS WHILE TEASING HER WIGGLING TOES WITH HER TONGUE, DRIVING POOR DAPHNEY INSANE WITH LAUGHTER AND DESIRE! 

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