PleasuresOfTheSole – Aunt Mary Worshipped

Bianca made the mistake of tying up and tickling HER REAL-LIFE AUNT MARY on our sister site, Tickle Intensive. Now Bianca is learning the consequences of mixing family and business – her Aunt discovered she also shoots female foot worship, AND SINCE SHE'S ALWAYS WANTED HER BIG SIZE 9.5 (EXTRA WIDE) FEET WORSHIPPED, SHE GIVES HER NIECE AN ULTIMATUM – KISS MY FEET OR ILL TELL YOUR MOTHER WHAT YOURE UP TO! Her Aunts big soles wiggling in her face, Bianca has no choice but to worship them, and it turns out to be a lot more enjoyable for niece and Aunt than either expected!

BIANCA DOESNT WANT HER LITTLE SECRET OUT SO SHE MAKES SURE TO GIVE HER AUNT MARY THE FOOT WORSHIPPING OF A LIFETIME! She methodically kisses, licks, and sucks every square inch of her big feet, playing her long tongue in her deep arches, and sucking on her sexy painted toes. Aunt Mary gasps with surprise and starts cooing and sighing with pleasure almost immediately. "WOW… THIS FEELS WAY BETTER THAN THE TICKLING, BIANCA…" TEASES AUNT MARY, HER BODY SHIVERING WITH PLEASURE AS HER FEET ARE WORSHIPPED. Her niece discovers her arches and toes are her Aunts most sensitive spots, so she concentrates on pleasing those areas, MAKING HER MOAN WITH PLEASURE!! Aunt Mary is obviously wet and VERY EXCITED, and she doesn't seem too embarrassed about it either, she just bites her lip moans as her body jerks in time with the movements of Bianca's mouth on her feet. WHEN HER NIECE CRAMS HER ENTIRE EXTRA-WIDE FOOT IN HER MOUTH, AUNT MARY'S MOUTH DROPS OPEN IN DISBELIEF, AND WHEN SHE MAKES HER NIECE SUCK ON ALL TEN OF HER TOES AT ONCE, SHE TOSSES HER HEAD BACK AND MOANS WITH ECSTASY!

Bianca doesn't seem to mind kissing her Aunt's feet either – SHE BECOMES HOT HERSELF SEVERAL TIMES DURING THE SCENE AND MOANS WITH PLEASURE! In fact, she might have worshipped her feet all night long, had her Aunt not made the mistake of going back on her original promise of keeping Bianca's secret, forcing her to resort to other methods to ensure she wouldnt spill the beans – such as trapping her Aunts ankles in an inescapable headlock and TICKLING THEM by raking her sharp fingernails all over her ticklish soles! AUNT MARY WAS NOT EXPECTING TO BE TICKLED IN THIS SCENE AND EXPLODES WITH LAUGHTER, SQUEALING AND CACKLING LIKE A WITCH POSSESSED, BEGGING HER NIECE TO STOP! But Bianca's not going to stop tickling until shes convinced shell keep her promise, and unfortunately for her hysterical Aunt, her niece won't be convinced anytime soon…

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