PleasuresOfTheSole – After the Fashion Show…

Aleksandra is a smoking hot Ukrainian fashion model with HUGE and gorgeous size 10.5 feet, extra wide. Bianca met her at a fashion show she was working and the girls hit it off. Bianca invited her back to her place to relax after the show and Aleksandra winds up relaxing on the bed in her bare feet. A HOT FASHION MODEL BAREFOOT ON HER BED?? That's something Bianca can't ignore.

Aleksandra's big and soft feet are very sore from all that walking in six inch heels for the fashion show, so when Bianca starts massaging her aching soles, she sighs with pleasure. Bianca confesses how much she likes worshipping another woman's feet, and because her massage is working wonders on Aleksandra's feet, she's more than willing to let Bianca worship her sensitive soles. Bianca dives in, licking her soles and gently sucking on the arches, while Aleksandra gasps in surprise and coos with pleasure. ALEKSANDRA'S NOT AFRAID TO SHOW HOW MUCH SHE'S ENJOYING HERSELF AND REMOVES HER TOP, REVEALING HER PERT BREASTS AND ROCK HARD NIPPLES!

Now without any doubt that Aleksandra is turned on, Bianca aggressively worships her feet, popping several toes into her mouth at the same time, and EVEN MANAGING TO CRAM HER ENTIRE FOOT (EXTRA WIDE!) INTO HER MOUTH! Aleksandra is impressed with Bianca's foot worshipping skills and crosses her ankles so Bianca can worship her feet more easily. The lusty redhead eagerly sucks on her soft heels and the sensitive balls of her feet while Aleksandra moans with arousal. When Bianca aggressively sucks on her toes or the sensitive skin just beneath her toes, the pleasurable sensations reach a climax, and she can't help but toss her head back in ecstasy.

Of course, all this foot worship comes with a price. Aleksandra's feet are not only sexy and sensitive, but EXTREMELY TICKLISH AS WELL! Bianca places her ankles in a headlock, and after licking her toes for a few seconds, she tickles Aleksandra's trapped soles with her sharp nails! THE TICKLISH FASHION MODEL SQUEALS WITH SURPRISE AND LAUGHS HYSTERICALLY, BEGGING FOR HER TO STOP, BUT THERE'S NO WAY BIANCA STOPPING NOW! Aleksandra has a hot laugh and the evil redhead won't stop tickling her feet until she's heard her fill!

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