MyDollParts – The Help: Goddess Kayla Trains submissive Bree Daniels

Bree Daniels was instructed to wear a sexy latex outfit to work today, but had no idea what was in store for her. Kayla Jane Danger, the lady of the house comes home early from her work trip, and surprises her exotic maid. Kayla assumes this is some kind of game her husband was playing, but the maid seems to know nothing, and Kayla is so naturally Dominant, Bree is spellbound and unable to utter a single word, just nod her head ‘ yes mistress’. Kayla gives Bree a spanking for taking orders from her husband, firm spankings on her latex ass, spankings that really show Bree who’s boss. Kayla has Bree unzip and remove her dress and high heels then worship her pantyhose feet. Kayla invites Bree to slip into something more appropriate and they walk off to Kayla’s room. Bree appears back in the dining room naked, awaiting further instructions. Kayla saunters into the room in a latex skirt and bra with new high heels, shiny peep toe stilettos. Kayla caresses Bree’s neck and takes a seat to be worshiped some more. Bree removes Kayla’s shoes after kissing them, then kisses and licks Kayla’s feet as instructed. You can see Kayla isn’t wearing anything under her skirt and every once in a while you get a peek of that untouchable pussy. It’s really hot when Bree is licking Kayla’s soles and Kayla traces her fingers across her own pussy lips. Bree is eager to please the lady of the house, she licks her soles with a flat tongue and sucks her toes lustfully. Kayla gives Bree a few final spankings and instructions for the rest of the evening. xxxKayla Jane Danger

Duration: 18:37.666
Size: 416,277 Mb

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