MyDollParts – Morning Glory

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Elle is the ultimate lover, and she knows me so well. As we rest and the fire crackles I dream of naughty things … And as soon as Elle wakes up she knows exactly what she wants. She crawls out from under the covers, making sure she doesn’t wake me up. She sneaks to the bottom of the bed and lifts the blanket exposing my bare feet. Sniffing under my toes, Elle inhales my pheromones igniting her desire for more. She checks that I am still napping and begins to tickle my soles with her nose and hot breath. Her tongue traces the high arches of my soles and licks the valley under my toes. She flicks her tongue delicately over my most erogenous zones, her own pleasure and excitement building. Each moment her panties get wetter as she sucks on my toes and makes love to my feet. The more she works them over, my dreams turning to reality, I can’t help but wake up. Once I wake, I am overwhelmed with pleasure and my own excitement, my panties drenched in my own sweet juices. After watching her for a moment, lost in her own lust for my feet, I take her foot to return the favor. We grind together, our legs wrapped around one another, worshiping each other’s feet simultaneously, lick for lick, suck for suck, until we are overwhelmed with intense pleasure …. this is Morning Glory

Duration: 16:50.933
Size: 379,268 Mb

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