MyDollParts – Lesbian Foot Worship Under The Influence of Mind Control Potion! !

Kayla Jane is at home when she receives an unexpected package… a bottle of perfume. She sprays it, sniffs it, nothing special she thinks, until all she can think about is feet. She calls a friend to ask her advice when all that seems to come out of her mouth is jibber jabber about feet. Her friend hangs up thinking it is some kind of prank. All of a sudden Kayla’s neighbor Sybil knocks at the door looking for a package that was meant for HER! Kayla blames her for her new infatuation with feet, and now she realizes she is strangely attracted to Sybil’s ass. Kayla asks her neighbor to take of her shoes so she can have a taste, a whiff, anything. Now Sybil just thinks her neighbor is crazy. Kayla tells Sybil to leave immediately and walk backwards so Kayla doesn’t pounce. Instead Sybil tries to walk away and after grabbing her ass Kayla sprays her in the face with the magic perfume as Sybil turns around. ..What happens next is amazing. With Kayla’s shoes already off Sybil pounces on them licking them, kissing them, uncontrollably making love to Kayla’s perfect feet and Kayla rips at Sybils sneakers to smell them, tears at her socks to finally get to her feet and take them into her warm mouth. The two ravenously devour each others feet getting so turned on but so confused, having never done anything like this before. Sybil even admits that she hates feet, but she can’t help it. The girls try to stop many times but eventually give in to their sweet Passion Potion!

Duration: 18:01.933
Size: 213,809 Mb

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