MyDollParts – Hypno-Thera-Bree

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Dr.Kayla is back at it, her unsuspecting patient Bree, lulling her into a state of total relaxation, trust and curiosity. Kayla makes Bree a slave to her feet, in a state where she isn’t quite resting, but she isn’t completely awake. Bree is lost in a dream world propelled but the lust for Kayla’s feet which grows with every sniff, with every kiss, with every lick. To prove her power, she makes Bree strip, first out of her dress, but eventually she helps peel off Bree’s sheer black pantyhose, and Bree removes her own bra & panties revealing her perfect natural breasts and neatly trimmed bush. Kayla instructs Bree to worship her feet, falling more and more in love with them while she does. Bree licks between Kayla’s toes, and laps up her high arches with long flat tongue strokes. Bree sucks Kayla’s toes one at a time then tries to devour all her toes at once. Kayla’s mesmerized patient looks at her longingly, intensifying their bond, until with one foot on her face Kayla snaps, bringing Bree back to a confused reality.

Duration: 27:00.666
Size: 608,373 Mb

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