MyDollParts – Foot Fetish Breakthrough Therapy

This is a new therapy video that starts with a session to address your anxiety. You caught me off guard and I’m not dressed as I normally would be, I’m in sandals, and you are just out of your mind, you can’t concentrate, you are sweaty and totally unaware of your triggers. I’ve been watching you for some time, during our sessions, as you tell me all about yourself, I notice your eyes drawn towards my feet & shoes, you didn’t know it yourself but I knew you had a deep foot fetish. I know just the thing to do if you are willing to dive deep into yourself, and into what makes you tick. I am ready to help you immerse yourself in your desires, I will reveal your true self! You will find meaning, pleasure and pure joy, you will also be forever in my debt. You will see, this will be the best therapy you’ve ever had and the beginning of a whole new session regimen, I know I will be seeing more of you!

Duration: 12:45.397
Size: 492,057 Mb

Download – Foot Fetish Breakthrough Therapy

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