MyDollParts – Ballet Beautiful Part 2

The follow up to Ballet Beautiful, this time after class WonderHussy is happy to return the favor by ‘moisturizing’ my feet, making them more supple with her tongue and mouth. It starts out with the two of us stretching in leotards, tights me in pointe shoes, her in ballet slippers and in no time our slippers are off and its time for pleasure … my pleasure that is. She throws herself into it completely lapping up her own spit off my perfect ballerina feet! I love having her tongue between my toes and running up and down my high arches and I know you will love to watch. She sure is the teacher’s pet! She has no idea she is being tricked into pleasuring me!

Duration: 12:02.233
Size: 269,256 Mb

Download – Ballet Beautiful Part 2

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