JamieDaniels – Stocking Foot Fetish Deal

Jamie and Star have been working so hard. They both have been super stressed out, especially Jamie. Star feels bad and wants to help relieve Jamie of her stress. Star knows how much Jamie loves foot massages and tickling to her feet. Star removes Jamie’s heels and begins to massage all the stress away from Jamie. Jamie now wants to return the favor and now both girls are massaging and tickling each others stocking feet. Jamie begins to worship Star’s feet and Star does the same to Jamie’s. Both girls legs are intertwined and they are worshipping each others stocking feet. They soon find their boss has walked in on them, they know about your fetish and now allow you to indulge in their feet.

Length: 14:55
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Stocking Foot Fetish Deal

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