IWantFeet – What Happens After Pool Parties

This is a very long and very sexy video that you probably don’t want to miss. Come on remember when the pool part was over and that sexy group of girls were leaving together? Did’nt you want just what does that sexy bunch of girls do after the pool party? Well these four beuaties go home climb on the bed and slip off their flip flops to chat. Side by side wiggling, riggling and pointing them all so close to each other, the topic turns to feet! After listening a little discussion about their feet Jenni out of nowhere says she she just wants to put her face in everyone’s feet and suck on all of them. All the girls just stop and look at her. Jenni believes she just revealed something she desires that maybe she shouldn’t have. But surprise all the girls wanna do but were just to chicken to ever admit it. What follows is a long licking, deep throating, sucking, biting and kissing passionate foot eating that seems endless. Each girl takes her turn going after a literal buffet of feet provided by the other 3 girls and their 6 feet! Each girl having her own style but all clearly having a desire for eathing feet! It’s a real foot buffet and the licking, sucking and biting seems to almost never end. A really hott scene

Duration: 59:41
Size: 472,998 Mb

Download –¬†What Happens After Pool Parties

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