IWantFeet – What Did You Do To Me?

Meet the VERY SEXY Brynn and her hot, tiny size 6 wrinkly feet! Lela has taken Brynn out for a “good time” and they’re just getting home. It seems that Lela got Brynn “Tipsy” for the purposes of taking advantage of her! Not sure what drinks she gave her though. Brynn is almost completely out of her mind but seems to be very sensitive and longing for touch and even moreso she seems to be very open to “suggestion”! Lela has her in what could be considered some sort of trance where she can control her mind and thoughts to some extent. Brynn is somewhat aware of the fact that she’s out of it but can do nothing about it as she asks “What did you do to me?”. Lela kneels down next to her and begins to tell her that she loves her feet! Brynn doesn’t understand what it is that she likes. Lela informs her that she’s turned on by them and loves her wrinkles which Brynn happily points her toes on that suggestion. Lela tells her that she’s going to like having her feet licked and sucked and makes Brynn say it. Brynn repeats what she’s told. Lela also tells her that tomorrow she’ll not remember any of this and Brynn agrees. Still “Tipsy” Brynn lays on the bed as Lela makes her way to her sexy feet and begins to totally devour them clearly getting Brynn excited as she was suggested to 🙂 After a while Lela has to go do something and tells Brynn to remove her skirt and top and get comfortable. Lela returns and again goes to town on Brynn’s sexy,wrinkly bare soles and toes driving her wild. Brynn is a SUPER SEXY girl who is very beautiful with beautiful feet and you DO NOT want to miss this!

Duration: 24:05
Size: 171,55 Mb

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