IWantFeet – What a workout!

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Lea and Angel Rose just returned from a hardcore work out. Their legs are burning, their feet aching and sweaty. The two ladies just flop on the sofa. They discuss how worn out they are and how must their bodies hurt. Angel suggest a stretch to loosen up and Lea agrees. She takes Lea’s leg and lifts it up, bending her flexible leg back and trying to help loosen it up. Angel, while holding on to Lea’s foot is thinking that insider her shoe is a warm, moist, sweaty foot that needs to get out. Lea picks up on Angel’s plan, asking her what she’s doing in a sexy inquisitive way. Angel tugs at Lea’s shoe string with her teeth. Lea offers no resistance. Off comes the shoe and Angel buries her nose in it, getting a big whiff of the warm, scent-laden shoe. Angel again uses her teeth to get Lea’s sock off before she lays Lea’s foot on her face feeling the warm, moist sole and taking big whiffs of her scented sole. Angel wants a taste and taste Lea’s foot she does! Licks and kisses caress Lea’s bare foot and toes as Angel works her foot over. After she’s happy the same is done to the other foot. Lea isn’t want to just take without giving. Angel lays back as Lea returns the favor. Lea takes care to get her own whiffs of Angel’s shoes, socks and feet before she runs her tongue along her super soft, wrinkly soles and sucks on her perfect little toes. What a workout!

Duration: 34:07
Size: 210 Mb

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