IWantFeet – What A Night!!

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This is one very very hot custom scene with everything a foot lover could want!! Almost no amount of pictures provided on the images to the right could do it justice. This is one you don’t want to miss. Dre, Nadia and Honey return home from a long night of partying and dancing. They all collapse on the sofa and floor, exhausted and their legs and feet burning from all the activity. As the girls chat there is mention of how tired their feet are. Honey comments on how sweaty her feet are and then Honey and Nadia share a look! Nadia is lying on the floor as Honey holds her foot right above her face. Dre is clueless as Nadia and Honey are roommates and know what they’re about to do. Honey points her toes hard almost popping out of her shoe as Nadia leans up take in the scent coming from Honey’s foot inside her shoe. Nadia buries her nose in the gap created by Honey’s toe point before pulling the shoe off of her heel so she can get in closer. Nadia inhales deeply taking in Honey’s foot scent as Dre becomes curious. Honey explains that they love the smell of feet after they’ve been sweating in stockings all night! Honey coaxes Dre’s shoes off and begins to smell her stockinged soles. Eventually the girls end up in a LONG three way stockinged foot smell as each girls buries her nose in the others toes, taking deep whiffs of the smell created by the long night of dancing! After a nice long smelling session the Nadia mentions that she wants to worship! What follows is a rotation of two on one foot worship with the stockings on and then ripped off. Each girl has her feet devoured by the other two as the girls are oblivious to the rest of the world while the lick and suck on each others scented feet! Nearing the end the girls comment as to maybe they need go dancing more often together!! We hope so!! Really hot scene!!

Video: 1280×720
Duration: 41:38

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