IWantFeet – What A Dream I Had!

Danica’s roommate Katie is a VERY HEAVY sleeper. Danica knows that once she’s completely asleep there are very few things that will wake her up. She enters the room and tests Katie to see how asleep she is. She calls out Katie’s name and taps her on the arm. Katie is out! Danica knows this is her chance so she moves down to Katie’s feet and lifts the blanket where her bare feet are hanging just off the sofa. Danica kneels down and begins to kiss and suck and lick all over her roommates bare soles. She knows she can get pretty aggressive and not have to worry about waking her roomie. As she worships Katie’s feet, Katie begins to make quiet little noises. Pleasureable noises. At one point Danica gets a little bit scared as Katie moves around but it’s nothing to fear. As a matter of fact it works to her benefit as Katie rolls over completely leaving her toes for the taking. Danica again isn’t timid as she moves back in and begins to suck on Katie’s sexy toes. Katie is again stirring a bit and lightly moaning as Danica sucks on her toes. When Danica has had her fill she moves up to Katie’s head and begins to try and wake her up. Katie slowly comes out of her slumber. Danica comments on what a heavy sleeper she is. Katie responds by telling her that she was having an amazing dream about getting the most incredible foot rub, but it was moist and warm. She seems almost a bit disappointed that the most fantastic feeling she’s ever had on her feet seems to have been a dream. Danica just giggles and acts surprised!

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Duration: 17:04

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