IWantFeet – We Want Your Feet No Your Cream!

Dre has a devious plan….big suprise. She’s telling Kessa about the girl they both see all the time with the amazingly soft looking, incredibly shapely little feet. Her name is Jackie. Both girls have seen her around and are mezmorized by her feet. Well Dre found out that she sells health and beauty aides and invited her over to the house to talk about it. Dre knows that if they ask about her special foot cream they can find a way to get her shoes off for an inspection of the product’s benefits. When Jackie arrives Dre immeidately gets her talking about the foot cream but she’s too overzealous. Instead of waiting and taking it slow she reaches down and grabs a foot, rips off Jackie’s shoe and sock and both girls begin to rub Jackie’s foot enthusiastically. Dre grabs the other foot and does the same. At this point Jackie is a bit freaked out and says she’s going to leave. In the heat of the moment the girls grab her and pick her up. The scene reopens with Jackie on the bed crying out from under her tape gag with her hands bound. Dre is straddling her holding a foot and Kessa is on the floor with one of Jackie’s feet trapped. Kessa and Dre unleash a SUPER passionate foot worship on the unsuspecting, scared Jackie. They completely SOAK her soles as she points her toes and wrinkles them like crazy. Little does she know it’s driving the girls even more crazy when she does that. The passionate foot worship even tickles Jackie a little as you can hear her laughing under the gag. This make the girls then want to tickle her and they do so very well! Jackie tries to think her way out and barter with some free products but the girls dont’ want the cream, they want her feet!!!

Duration: 11:05
Size: 328,744 Mb

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