IWantFeet – Tutoring Teacher Turns Ava On!

Incredibly sexy custom from a wonderful FEMALE fan!!! Ava is having trouble with her school work and she needs help. Her teacher “Miss Anderson” comes over for a bit of private tutoring to help the struggling student. Ava and Miss Anderson sit together on the sofa as Ava begins to read from the text. Ava is clearly struggling but it’s not necessarily the material that has her messing up. Ava can’t concentrate. The reason……Miss Anderson’s sexy heel dangling right in front of Ava as she’s trying to read!!! MIss Anderson’s sexy dangling shoeplay is DRIVING AVA INSANE! Her wrinkly, high arched foot, with her sexy heels on the verge of falling off is mesmorizing to Ava!! After a few times of Ava messing up and losing her place reading Miss Anderson notices what’s going on. She begins to dangle her shoe more and moves it around more dramatically. She focuses on Ava’s eyes and clearly begins to see what’s going on. Then she allows the shoe to drop! Ava, while reading begins to move to the edge of her seat but can’t hold on……Ava DIVES ON THE FLOOR GRABBING HER TEACHERS SHOE AND BURIES HER NOSE IN IT TO SMELL BEFORE LICKING THE INSIDE OF THE SHOE! Ava is completely engulfed in what she’s doing as her teacher looks on. “What are you doing sweetie?”, Miss Andersone enquires. Ava confesses that she is obsessed with her teachers feet and she watches her dangle and play with her shoes under her desk at school all the time. The sight of her sexy feet is maddening to Ava! Miss Anderson is intrigued by this and wants to know more. She turns around to kneel on the sofa and tells Ava to show her how much she loves her feet! Ava DIVES IN PASSIONATELY LICKING AND SUCKING HER TEACHERS FEET UNTIL THEY ARE GLISTENING! Miss Anderson is caught off guard by the pleasure induced by her students worship! She loves it! After a long worshipping Miss Anderson admits to noticing the little co-ed’s sexy litt feet herself and asks if she can return the favor. She straddles Ava and does her own licking and sucking on her tiny wrinkly feet! Miss Andersone passionately devours her student’s feet and in the end they agree that more tutoring is clearly going to be necessary!! No doubt a VERY sexy scene!

Video: 1280×720
Duration: 28:00

Download –┬áTutoring Teacher Turns Ava On!

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