IWantFeet – Tori’s Hot Ride & Fuck

This is SO DAMN HOT! Meet Tori a sexy girl with a genuine serious foot fetish! This girl loves feet! It’s pretty clear just watching her as she starts out with Indica’s sexy feet, worshipping them a little before she climbs on top and begins to ride. One thing that REALLY puts Tori over the edge is having ticklish feet rubbing on her pussy and so when she tickles them it really turns her on. She gets going on Indica’s feet riding them and tickling them too. To make things even more intense Sacha shows up and takes control of Indica’s feet so Tori can ride them good. We all know Sacha loves to tickle to so she uses her long nails to really turn Tori on. Tori gets really turned on but things aren’t over. Indica exits after letting Tori have a good ride and now Sacha is REALLY going to take things to a whole other level for Tori. She points her sexy little foot and rubs it on Tori’s pussy. Tori lubes her foot up really good and then Sacha goes in for the . She takes her tightly pointed toes and slides her foot inside Tori’s pussy! Tori is in heaven. Sacha even wiggles her toes once she’s inside. Then Tori adds the vibrator on top of everything. Now you’d think that would be all she could handle but the sexy Paris enters the room and jams her foot in Tori’s mouth. Now Tori is almost euphoric with pleasure. She cums but it’s not over. The vibe is continued and Paris reaches in to tickle Sacha’s foot forcing it to wiggle and squirm inside Tori’s pussy. The foot inside her with the vibe and adding in the tickling puts Tori over the edge completely and she cums again REALLY hard! This is one sexy scene with some hot genuine foot loving girls.

Video: 1280×720
Duration: 22:08

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