IWantFeet – Stepmother Seduces Her Daughter’s Friend

This is the newest and probably hottest video we’ve done to date!!! 37 mintues of Hi Def action!! This is a must see!!! It’s an epically long video that you really don’t want to miss!! Anna goes to her friends house to meet up with her but she’s not home. Her friend’s stepmother, Mrs Mckinley, ushers her in telling her that Rene isn’t home but Anna can wait for her with Mia and watch some TV. Well when they take their seats Mia sits down and is instantly dangling her shoe. Anna is watching something but it isn’t the television. With shifty eyes and clandestine tactics Anna can’t help but look at Mrs Mckinley’s feet. Deep down Anna loves feet and actually loves going to the Mckinley’s as both Mia and her friend Rene have awesome feet. Well she can’t help herself and begins to stare. Her steathy approach becomes less and less and with a glance Mrs Mckinley sees Anna and knows what she’s staring at. Mia gets a smile on her face and begins to dangle her shoe in a more exaggerated manner. Then she asks the question….”Anna, are you looking at my feet?” Anna tries to laugh it off but is clearly made uncomfortable with the question. She tries to change the subject but Mia presses the issue. Mia is also a foot lover but Anna doesn’t know this. Mrs Mckinley sees an opportunity to take advantage of the situation with her stepdaughters friend. She moves over next to Anna losing her shoe and touches Anna with her foot. Anna is clearly embarrassed and shrinks down in the sofa, looking away. Mia takes a softer tone to try and make Anna relax. She whispers “do you like feet?”. Anna’s heart is pounding, she does like feet but tries still to resist. Mia takes her foot and puts in in Anna’s lap. She takes Anna’s hand and puts in on her foot. Anna is now in a whirlwind of emotions. She looks away “Mrs Mckinley…..please” as she’s embarrassed but being driven crazy with desire inside. Mia pulls her face over telling her okay. Mia asks “Do you like MY feet?”. Anna is begining to melt. She can’t resist and Mia begins to kiss her. Anna’s defenses are falling fast as Mia asks if Anna and Rene (her stepdaughter) have ever played with each others’ feet. Anna says no, that she tried but Rene just thought it was wierd. Mia kisses her more deeply as Anna clearly is succumbing to her seduction. Mia suggests that they play with each others’ feet and then later they can work on Rene! Anna is overcome with desire and they embrace and then embark on a super sexy foot loving worship session!!! This one is hot beyond this description so you just need to watch it!!! Also, this storyline continues at FORCED!!!! (www.clips4sale.com/234) where these two do “work” on Rene like Mrs Mckinley says in the video!!! Check that out too!!!

Video: 1280×720
Duration: 36:42

Download –¬†Stepmother Seduces Her Daughter’s Friend

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