IWantFeet – So You Want To Be A Foot Model

Here’s an awesome, nice long sexy custom requested by a fan!! In fact, everyone can extend a thank you to this fan as he’s the reason Cali Logan was brought to I WANT FEET! So Cali Logan has come to audition for Lea here at I WANT FEET! to be a foot model. Lea starts off the interview showing Cali some “foot foreplay” by dangling her heels from her sexy stockinged feet! She tells Cali to watch closely and take notes as she’s going to have to perform this for Lea afterwards. Cali watches intently as Lea dangles her heels. You can see clearly that Cali is getting a little bit excited watching this. Now Lea instructs her to get on the deak and show Lea what she learned. Lea sits watching as Cali dangles her heels off of her very sexy little stockinged feet! After a while Lea gets down on the floor and tells Cali she’s going to show her what foot worship is. She removes her heels and begins to lick and kiss all over Cali’s sexy stockinged soles and toes. Lea then rips off Cali’s stockings so she can devour her amazingly smooth, soft, little wrinkly bare feet! After she gets her fill and Cali is cleary “warmed up” Lea wants Cali to get down and show her what she can do. Cali wastes no time diving into Lea’s sheer stocking-covered feet! She licks and nibbles and kisses Lea’s elegant feet! Cali, wanting to anyway, follows Lea’s lead and rips her stockings off and begins to loving devour her wrinkly, pointy bare soles!! After a very sexy worshipping of her bare feet, Lea asks Cali when she’d like to start because she’s got the job. Turned on from her experience, Cali suggests they start right now!!

Duration: 39:44
Size: 1 179,978 Mb

Download – So You Want To Be A Foot Model

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