IWantFeet – Poison Trap Foot Worship

Poison Ivie is caught!!! Sitting handcuffed in her chair in office of Officer Nadia, she is helpless to get away. Nadia enters to gloat a little bit. “With all of your poison toys taken away from you, you’re nothing more than a pretty face!” she laughs. Not so tough it would seem, for the now helpless little Poison. Poison pleads like a helpless little kitten, please don’t send me to jail! Nadia wonders what that pretty little face might look like with her toes in Poison’s mouth. Enjoying her position of power over the normally powerful Poison, Nadia decides that having the normally tought “bad girl” at her mercy is something she wants to enjoy! “I’ll consider letting you go but you must worship my feet!” Poison can’t get on her knees fast enough as she removes Officer Nadia’s shoes and begins to lick, suck and nibble her feet with submissive glee. Could Poison really be beaten?!?! Is she Nadia’s bitch now? It certainly would seem that way as she goes from one foot to the other doing whatever Nadia tells her while Nadia lays back on the desk and enjoys her sexy worship!! When she is satisfied she allows Poison to take a break. Returning her to the chair Nadia instructs her that she will let her go but on one condition. “I have to have the rare diamond you stole back!” Poison’s eyes light up and deep down you can see her devious mind at work! “It just so happens I have the diamond on me! It’s in my boot!”, she says as she smiles an evil smile! Nadia gets down and removes Poison’s boot. As she’s looking down in the boot POISON RAISES HER STOCKINGED FOOT, SPREADING HER TOES AND WAIVING IT IN NADIA’S FACE!!! THE INTOXICATING SMELL OF POISON’S FEET!!! Nadia never saw it coming but as soon as the SWEET SCENT OF POISON’S FOOT BEGAN TO FILL THE AIR OFFICER NADIA WAS UNDER HER SPELL!!! “What is it that you were looking for officer?”, asks Poison. “I don’t know”, Nadia repsonds in a trance-like state. Poison is in control and she forces Nadia to take deep whiffs and inhale the scent of her feet. She also makes her taste the poison of her stockinged soles as well as a some of her bare soles too!! Nadia is helplessly in love, taken over completely she is Poison’s slave now! After a long smelling and worship session she puts Officer Nadia where she once was, handcuffed to the chair. Poison takes her radio for future use to avoid being caught but not before she gets Nadia to give her code to the evidence room!! “I’m sure there are lots of things in their I’ll be interested in!!!” says Poison. Then, just like that……………….she’s gone!

Video: 1280×720
Duration: 26:19

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